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Morton’s the Steakhouse at Mandarin Oriental

I don’t think Morton’s needs any introduction – this Chicago steakhouse has established its name worldwide for fine steaks and hearty portions. It’s probably one of the better steakhouses in the world, and definitely one of the best in Singapore. A meal at Morton’s won’t come cheap though, considering how a steak alone can cross the hundred-dollar mark. However, Morton’s has a fantastic promotional set that goes for $95++, that frankly is big enough for two to share and leave both feeling satisfied thereafter. Too good to resist!


The legendary huge onion bread that’s served moments after you’re seated. It is really, really huge. But size aside, this gigantic bun is really addictive too – hard and crusty on the outside, but pillow-y soft on the inside, and hot throughout. Plus, I love onions – here it lends a subtle taste that’s just aromatic but not overwhelming. Refrained from eating too much of it though – had to save space for the mains!


For the first course, you get to choose either the Caesar Salad or the Morton’s Salad, and we chose the latter. Lots of lettuce tossed in a blue cheese dressing, with chopped egg and anchovies, this salad is so simple but so addictively yummy – oh that blue cheese dressing! Blue cheese is such a beautiful thing, and what they used in the dressing is relatively mild, it doesn’t smell bad or anything. The picture shows half a portion of the salad (they kindly divided the salad into two portions for us) but it’s a pretty large plate already.


Presenting the stars of the night! For the second course, the set allows you to choose a steak and a seafood course. The steak that comes with the set is a Single Cut Filet Mignon, but we upgraded it to a Ribeye ($15 supplement) so that it’s large enough for two to share. Trust me, the upgrade is completely worth it – the full-sized Ribeye is a large piece of meat! Flavourful, tender, and full of meaty juice goodness! 

For the seafood course, we chose the Jumbo Lump Crab Cake, which may not look like much but is packed with large chunks of fresh and sweet crabmeat and barely any fillers. The crab’s sacrifice was well worth it! I think I’m more a seafood fan than a meat fan, so I might even have prefered the crabcake to the steak – I found it that good. If crab tastes so sweet why mask it with chilli sauce or black pepper?


Along with the salad, steak and seafood, you also get to choose a potato or vegetable side dish as part of this amazing set deal. We chose the Lyonnaise Potatoes – sliced Idaho potatoes friend in bacon fat with onions. Bacon fat. Enough said.


Many who go to Morton’s have their signature molten chocolate cake for dessert, but somehow I didn’t quite feel like it that day, and we settled for the Creme Brulee ($20) instead. One of the better creme brulees around, with a good thick burnt sugar crust and vanilla bean-studded custard below. I did notice some other tables having huge souffles the size of my head that looked amazing too though! 

Overall twas a great experience! Every dish was wonderful in its own right, and the service is impeccable. I love how well trained the waiters are at reciting the daily specials and showing off their trolley of meat and even a live lobster! Plus, it’s a great place to have a birthday celebration – they do everything from putting the birthday boy/girl’s name on the menus, to singing a song, to taking a picture and giving it to you at the end of the meal. A must try, at least once!


Morton’s the Steakhouse

5 Raffles Avenue

4F Mandarin Oriental Singapore

Seah Street Deli at Raffles Hotel

In Singapore it’s hard to find eateries that don’t mess around with some sort of fusion cuisine (laksa pasta) and give you the good old authentic stuff. I suppose in general it makes sense for eateries to adapt to local flavours so as to attract a wider clientele, but that also means that it’s tougher to find authentic cuisine!

Seah Street Deli is one of the few places that I trust to serve nice and hearty American Diner food, and in American-sized portions! The menu has undergone several revamps since I first ate here several years back, but most of the things I’ve had are excellent, and they always, always leave you feeling satisfied (even for hungry boys!).


The menu is cute in a kitschy kind of way – given to you int he form of a large “newspaper”. There’s the whole american diner theme going on here – from how the waiters are dressed in baseball wear, to the black and white tiles, to the old judebox that stands proudly amongst the tables and the napkin dispenser on the table. I love the effort they put into the place to make you feel transported to a real American diner!


And here, they don’t even display chili sauce! You’ll find salt, pepper, tomato sauce and mustard on the table, but no chili sauce. However, they will bring you a bottle of you so desire.


First up today was the Texa burger – a burger with smoked bacon, BBQ sauce, peppers, oinion and melted cheese, along with a side of fries. I love the fires at Seah Street. It used to be a serious contender for best fries around, but now that I’ve tried New York Fries in Hong Kong (more on it in another post), there is no going back. While it can’t compete, it still remains one of the better ones in Singapore, all crispy and golden on the otuside with enough white fluffiness inside! As for the burger, it was done medium rare, leaving the inside still nicely pink but not bloody. It’s pretty frustrating how it is hard to find a good beef burger around in Singapore (even Handburger’s beef burger isn’t that good), so this one hits the spot! With it’s hoemmade bun, nice combination of classic toppings and a nice thick juicy patty, it’s giving me reason to order a burger again the next time I come!


Next up was the lamb shank. It was huge! Accompanied by mashed potatoes and stewed root vegetables. I’ll say it now – good mashed potatoes make my knees quiver. And no matter how full I am, I can still down mashed potatoes till they’re all gone! These were fantastic, perfectly smooth, with a hint of cheese and very creamy. The star of the dish, the shank, was cooked till literally fall of the bone tenderness, and to the point that when I try to pick it up with my fork it just breaks up into smaller bits again! Lovely. And I find it hard to fault root vegetables (carrots, oinions and radish), that are cooked till nice and soft and very naturally sweet.

As with all eateries under the Raffles group, service is top notch, so you really feel comfortable and not rushed to go off. I love waiters that know how to be attentive yet give you your space.

What more, with the Feed at Raffles card (sometimes the benefits are imputed into American Express credit cards), there is a discount of 50% off the bill if 2 dine, 33% off if 3 dine and so on, so the food becomes more affordable than in some other mediocre restaurants (think. Shokudo.) around. Definitely a good place if you’re hungry and craving good western food!

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