NYC Eats: Omakase at Soto

Through the unassuming doors of Soto, the 2 Michelin Star restaurant, our omakase adventure begins! The specialty of Soto is the wonderful, buttery uni – which appears on numerous dishes in all sorts of forms. The uni was hands down the best uni I’ve had – so very fresh, light, buttery and delicate, melting into oblivion in your mouth, leaving nothing but the indescribable taste of the ocean. Sheer beauty.

Uni aside, the other dishes were excellent too – the emphasis here on freshness and letting the natural flavours of the quality ingredients shine is obvious, and very much appreciated. Here’s our lineup for that night:


Goma Tofu

Black and White sesame tofu, with wasabi soy sauce

Ah-mazing. I’ve never been fond of tofu – this delicate, intensely flavoured custard delight just blew my mind.


Fluke Sashimi

with ginger and scallon


Chawan Mushi

with shrimp, chicken shitake, mitsuba, ginkgo nuts, yuzu zest


Wild Trout with Caviar

with sesame watercress salad


Uni, pure and simple


Uni Tempura with Uni powder

Probably my least favourite dish that night – deep frying the delicate uni just tastes away that amazing, light and butter texture. Such a waste!


Hokki Nuta

thinly sliced sea clam with myoga ginger shoots and sesame, marinated in sweet miso mustard sauce


Scallop, Fluke, Shiso Wrapped Agedashi

deep fried shiso wrapped scallop and fluke, served in dashi broth


Wild Snapper Carpaccio

new zealand wild snapper with aged vinegar and sea salt sesame oil garnished with chopped ginger shoot and cilantro


Minute Steamed Tai

light steamed new zealand wild snapper with ginger scallion oil


Steamed Lobster with Uni Mousse

layers of steamed main lobster and uni mousse in lotus wrap garnished with smoked uni and caviar

Without a doubt, my favourite dish of the night.


Uni Ika Sugomori Zukuri

sea urchin wrapped in thinly sliced squid and shiso served with quail egg and tosa soy reduction


Chyu Torto Tar Tare

chopped fatty part of big eye tuna with avocado coulis, garnished with caviar, chive, served in sesame ponzu sauce


Broiled Langostine

lightly broiled new zealand langoustine under shiitake sauce


Ika Nigiri


(I forgot!)


Assorted Mochi Ice Cream


Descriptions are either from my memory (to the best of my ability) or from Soto – I’ve tried to be as accurate as possible so as not to malign the dishes!


357 6th Ave
New York, NY 10079

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7 comments on NYC Eats: Omakase at Soto

  1. sherms says:

    hahahaha omg! u got nearly all of it right!
    how on earth did u manage to remember the names of the dishes!?!

  2. Steph says:

    I have never been to a michelin star restaurant … ever! You’re one lucky girl :) And, I love how beautiful and vivid your pictures are. Good enough for a hungry girl like me to want to head out for a meal now!

  3. Dot says:

    sherms: with help and vaguee memory!

    hungrytrotters: I’m thankful for it (:

    Steph: hahaha! ain’t that the aim of every food blog – to make people hungeir! :D thank you! always happy to know people like the pictures (:

  4. Glenn says:

    Dot, the steam lobster and uni dish sounds really delish!

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