life through the pinhole: Week #11

2011 Week #11

Location(s): Toronto











Hello lovelies! I’ve been having quite the cookie obsession this week. It started out with the discovery of a little gem while grocery shopping – these Late July Organic Mini Milk Chocolate cookies. Not only are they very cute (each cookie is embossed with a picture of an endangered animal) and good for you (made with all organic ingredients), but they are so very delicious as well! The vanilla cookies are crunchy and moreish, and the treasure is the real milk chocolate sandwiched in between. Bah, no more of the artificial, trans-fat loaded junk then there are these cute little yummy goodies!

I also tried two new recipes this week – chocolate-dipped langues de chat (aka cat’s tongue cookies – named after their shape) and maple macadamia shortbread. Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked cookies in the house – especially when maple is thrown into the concoction. I know you’re supposed to wait for the cookies to cool before eating them, but I can never resist munching down one… or two… or half a dozen within minutes of them coming out of the oven. How can you resist?

Other moments were spent catching up with friends over hearty meals, lamenting the upcoming exams and wondering just why time is passing by so fast. The minutes seem to be speeding up, and mornings turn to nights in the blink of an eye.

Here’s to treasuring what we have, while its still around.


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