Being on exchange isĀ  blast, as I’m sure everyone says and everyone knows! And when people return home, there will always be that wish to go back to re-live that whole experience all over again. Perhaps it’s the beauty of the foreign land, but I think a large part of the greatness of exchange lies in the independence you get, wherever it is that you go. The freedom to make all your own choices from what to eat and what to do to what time you get up and where you want to fly to the next day. I know when I go back, more so than just missing toronto and the weather, I’ll be missing this freedom. I’m loving the do-now-think-later attitude that fortifies every decision I’m making!

But there’s the down side too – none more obvious than when you’re ill. The past few days when I was a little under the weather it wasn’t pleasant. Having to get your own water, the idea of bringing yourself to the hospital in the middle of the night should something arise, and simply put, no one to fuss over you (which sometimes seems annoying back home, but you miss when you don’t have it anymore). It’s a little wake up call, to cherish what we have back home.

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  1. stargirl says:

    get well soon! though my exchange programme to the UK was only a week long, i’m missing my host family and the lovely cornish countryside lots.

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